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Life finds a way.

Biological systems – from molecules to cells to entire organisms – operate in complex, constantly changing environments characterised by partial information, stochasticity, intense competition and limited resources. Living things have evolved to mitigate and sometimes even take advantage of these features to survive, thrive and reproduce. Can these biological “algorithms”, evolved and perfected over billions of years, teach us how to navigate today’s volatile financial markets? Symbiosis Labs’ work begins with Life’s strategies as its inspiration.

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Alpha capture in vivo.

Drawing together advanced techniques from fields including stochastic analysis, fractional differential equations and agent-based modelling, we convert biological strategies into precise mathematical algorithms that systematically search the world’s markets to find opportunities for alpha generation not detectable through classical technical analysis. Much like living systems, our algorithms are in constant evolution and competition with each other, with the fittest and most adaptable surviving. Our methods are unique and proprietary.

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Stability, robustness, adaptation.

Living things strike a compromise between a fast response time and the accurate integration of stochastic signals, in order to take advantage of opportunities without being led astray by local fluctuations in their environments. Similarly, our biologically inspired strategies aim to balance exploration of new directions with exploitation of existing resources, in a dynamic, self-correcting framework. Our research seeks to elucidate to what extent such an approach can mitigate the effect of volatility and large, unpredictable market events.


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